David Conley

Lead Vocals 

Marion Butler

​Bass Vocals

David Conley

The newest member of the Butler Brothers is currently the Pastor at Restoration Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. He is a 1996 alumnus of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College and has been singing with his family group, The Harper Brothers, for almost 20 years. Doyle sang tenor for The Dixie Echoes and has been a  familiar face in Southern Gospel Music for many years.

Born the oldest of four children, Marion's early years were very much focused on church as a result of being born into the home of a Pentecostal pastor. His father, also a talented musician, made sure that his children were exposed to music. This resulted in Marion becoming both a talented musician and singer. However, his real love was singing bass in quartet-style music. Job opportunities early in his life carried Marion all over the United States including Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Pennsylvania and Washington State. Several years ago he was able to retire and come home to Savannah, Georgia. This allowed him a chance to start his own business venture and to reconnect with family. He readily admits that he has been sustained by the life-giving words of Psalms 23. Having never lost his love for music, he now joins his brother, Lawrence, in reestablishing the Butler Brothers Quartet. It began years ago with godly parents, and continues today in Marion’s heart with a love for the Lord, for family, and with prayer.   

Born and raised in Pembroke, Georgia, David and his wife Darlene are now both retired and enjoy spending time together with each other along with their two children and four grandchildren. David is an active woodworker and spends time doing yard work. He and his wife have attended The Bridge for over forty years. During that time, they have taught Sunday School for various age groups and are currently teaching one of the adult classes they named, "The Cornerstone".  David has been involved with the music aspect of the church for many years. He sings and plays the bass guitar for various singing groups in the church.

Lawrence Butler

Baritone Vocals /Piano

Doyle Harper

Tenor Vocals 

 ​​The most important person in the life of Lawrence Butler is Jesus Christ. Growing up in a pastor's home provided the proper atmosphere for spiritual development. Lawrence and his wife Patricia met in church and have devoted their lives to serving the Lord. They have been blessed with three children and six grandchildren. Lawrence has earned two doctorate degrees and spent some thirty years in education as a profession. His roles have been that of teacher, Assistant Principal and Principal, serving in both the public and private sectors. Recently retired, he is now able to devote his full time to the ministry. Music plays an integral part of his ministry. He plays several instruments and serves as choir director in the local church. It is with great joy that he once again joins his brother Marion in singing the music he grew up loving..